Flinks on a Tuesday

Ugh. Baby eviction can commence ANY TIME please. So in hopes of moving this week along faster, here are Friday Links a nice three days early. Wishful thinking.

Do you smell weird when pregnant? Because I think I do. Tracy does. 

A couple new-to-me blogs I'm enjoying: Gray Area and Princess Lasertron.

Some crazy, amazing old photos on this website (some are NSFW, just warning you.) 

Kids. Running around playing, eating Cheerios, plotting diabolical crimes. 

This 'Things on Toast' recipe from Drea just sounds so good to me right now (yes it IS 8 am and no I don't care).

This week I've decided to disturb myself deeply by reading Creepy Stories on the Internet. Here is one. 
Last week my masochism-of-choice it was reading about serial killers... I'll spare you the links. But suffice it to say, when I accidentally caught some of my hair in the door of my car while driving, my first ever-so-logical thought was "Killer in the backseat! Killer in the backseat pulling my hair!" Obviously, not the case.

I'm planning my running comeback. 5K in August. Here is a killer running playlist. 

So. Other than castor oil (barf) anyone got any baby eviction tricks? Share them please!!!


  1. During the prenatal class that I took at the hospital, the nurse teaching it told us that doing the same thing to get the baby in, will also help get the baby out. I have no idea if it actually works, but apparently the solution to all of your pregnancy woes is getting laid.

    My husband thought that was the greatest news ever, until I told him to go to hell. I guess some pregnant ladies are grumpier about these things than others...

    1. Haha! My doctor said the same thing, and like your husband, mine was thrilled. But it was a no go for me too. My husband was pretty bummed, but at that point the thing that helped in getting me pregnant was the last things I wanted to see. :)