Flinks! {Friday Links}

Geez, these weeks fly by! It feels like I do a Friday Links post every other day. Good thing its one of my favorites... and onward to the linkage!

Drea makes some amazing black-eyed-pea spread on toast. Yum.

Love this post from Bai on her funny husband watching an ultrasound.

I am on the hunt for a filing cabinet now after seeing Aileen's awesome tutorial on spray painting one!

This list of 12 creative ideas that will change your life is totally lifechanging, no joke. The beer bottle stopper is now in heavy rotation at our house. (via nova)

I'm doing this with knobs all over the place. I love it.

Katie from Skunkboy is featured on Danielle's Tattoo Tuesday and I want to steal her hair color.

This is a gorgeous DIY mobile tutorial from the even more gorgeous Jess: "Glitter is a gateway drug" (If you don't follow her on twitter, do. I die laughing on a daily basis.)

Jess cuts Wyatts hair and he looks like a little stud muffin. Plus the first pic? Kills me.

Do you take as many polaroids as I do? Sara has a ton of good ideas for displaying them.

Biet is eleven months!

Jezebel's motherload column is my favorite. This one on an unplanned  pregnancy is both hilarious and right on.

via creatively christy

I have seen tons of these DIY painted spoons tutorials, but I really like this one the best.

Hope you all have a fun weekend! 

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