Gardening with Lola

She has a green thumb and loves to do yard work. Definitely my child. 

We're working on a little garden. So far zucchini, tomatoes and cucumber. In addition to our ridiculous houseplant collection. I'll have to take some photos to share. 

The weather is supposed to be warm this weekend, hopefully we'll get some beach time.  

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Life lately, according to my iPhone. Nothing exciting, just keeping on keeping on.
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15/52 & 16/52: Portrait(s) of Lola

15/52: Went to a lake with some fowl. Geese give zero f**ks about anyone. Seriously scary animals.

16/52: Easter cupcakes! This kid had way way way too much sugar and didn't take a nap. I need five naps to catch up on my missed sleep.

I'm becoming less and less interesting in putting my life online, but I am adamant to finish this 52 week project. So, with that, here are 15 and 16, because I decided I won't let anything or anyone discourage me from documenting the beauty that is my child in her world.

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A Portrait of Lola: 14/53

Loves to read now.

"BOOK BOOK BOOK" is all I hear. It's one of my favorite pastimes as well, so I definitely don't mind. The fact that she wants to cuddle while we read? Love.

How To: Herbal Salve Recipe

This winter was pretty mild here in southern California, but being as Lola and I get mega dry skin even in the summer, I usually use a ton of salve on our skin to keep it from cracking. After looking into some of the scary ingredients in store bought ones, I decided to make my own.

I already have a plethora of essential oils around the house along with coconut oil. All I needed was beeswax, and you can order organize beeswax from amazonToo easy.

For this round, I used lavender, frankincense, rose geranium and a bit of patchouli. You can use whatever oils you want. I keep it to around 15 to 20 drops each for a majority scent, 5 for a minority. 

In a pot, preferably a double boiler, combine your chosen oil with beeswax on very low heat until the beeswax is fully melted. The basic formula is 1 oz. beeswax per 6 oz. oil. To test the mixture for proper firmness, place one tablespoon of the mixture on a small plate in the freezer for a minute, and check for firmness. If it’s too soft, add more beeswax; if it’s too firm, add more oil.

When your salve is at a consistency you like, add your essential oils and quickly pour it into prepared tin containers or small glass jars and allow to cool completely before using. Salves will keep for 1-3 years.