Life lately, according to my iPhone. Nothing exciting, just keeping on keeping on.
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15/52 & 16/52: Portrait(s) of Lola

15/52: Went to a lake with some fowl. Geese give zero f**ks about anyone. Seriously scary animals.

16/52: Easter cupcakes! This kid had way way way too much sugar and didn't take a nap. I need five naps to catch up on my missed sleep.

I'm becoming less and less interesting in putting my life online, but I am adamant to finish this 52 week project. So, with that, here are 15 and 16, because I decided I won't let anything or anyone discourage me from documenting the beauty that is my child in her world.

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A Portrait of Lola: 14/53

Loves to read now.

"BOOK BOOK BOOK" is all I hear. It's one of my favorite pastimes as well, so I definitely don't mind. The fact that she wants to cuddle while we read? Love.

How To: Herbal Salve Recipe

This winter was pretty mild here in southern California, but being as Lola and I get mega dry skin even in the summer, I usually use a ton of salve on our skin to keep it from cracking. After looking into some of the scary ingredients in store bought ones, I decided to make my own.

I already have a plethora of essential oils around the house along with coconut oil. All I needed was beeswax, and you can order organize beeswax from amazonToo easy.

For this round, I used lavender, frankincense, rose geranium and a bit of patchouli. You can use whatever oils you want. I keep it to around 15 to 20 drops each for a majority scent, 5 for a minority. 

In a pot, preferably a double boiler, combine your chosen oil with beeswax on very low heat until the beeswax is fully melted. The basic formula is 1 oz. beeswax per 6 oz. oil. To test the mixture for proper firmness, place one tablespoon of the mixture on a small plate in the freezer for a minute, and check for firmness. If it’s too soft, add more beeswax; if it’s too firm, add more oil.

When your salve is at a consistency you like, add your essential oils and quickly pour it into prepared tin containers or small glass jars and allow to cool completely before using. Salves will keep for 1-3 years.

A portrait of Lola: 13/52She

She picked up this magazine and started paging through it while I picked up my eyeglasses. Tiny little person. Also? Her cousins got her into rainbow loom accessories now (eyeroll emoticon)